Guide to entering the training environment

Open the e-mail we sent to you. Click on the link witch we sent to you.

In the window that opens, it is recommended that you continue to select Use a web application if you do not already have Microsoft Teams software pre-installed on your computer.

You will find the username and password assigned to you in the sent e-mail.

Enter your username, then click Next, then enter your password.

In the new window that opens, select the top option:

Skip for now (14 days until this is required). If you need to log in again in a new window that opens, please repeat it (this may not happen every time).

You have now entered the training environment

Select Workgroups from the menu on the left. Next, make sure that you have selected the working group and made it active. The window that opens shows the conversation between users as well as notifications. To join the webinar, click on the Meeting bar highlighted in blue in the middle of the screen. Then you will see a detailed view of the Meeting (who are the participants, etc.). To join the video conference, now press the blue Join button (located in the upper right corner).


Further instructions will now be given to you by the trainer yourself via video chat.