Forklift driver and mini loader (bobcat) driver training – 56 ac.h

Name of in-service training institution:OÜ A1koolitus (

Name of the curriculum: Forklift driver and mini loader (bobcat) driver training – 56 ac.h

Levels of study: In – service training for adults.

Curriculum group: ISCO 8 334

Time: All year round, 8 study days.

Learning outcomes: Knows the construction of the machine, operating rules and their use. Can perform basic work in compliance with occupational safety requirements. The student is able to work independently, be responsible for the performance of their duties. Can perform technical condition inspection, preparing the machine for operation. Can start, control, stop and move the machine in different conditions, performing the necessary work operations. Can complete the maintenance schedule. Knows techniques and securing means for safe loading and securing of cargo.

Conditions for starting studies: Admitted adults (from the age of 18) will be admitted to the training on application.

Total study volume: 56 ac.h.
• Of which theory is 21 ac.h or 3 study days.
• Written exam 7 ac.h or 1 study day.
• Practical part 28 ac.h or 4 study days.

Learning content

Contact training: Mechanical engineering. Hydraulics and hydraulic equipment. Use and maintenance of machinery. Execution of works. Occupational safety.

Practical activities: Pre-graduation internship in a work environment. Learning techniques under the guidance of an instructor. The student must submit a decision to complete the internship.


Learning environment: Theoretical training takes place in the classroom of OÜ, address Pae 29 Tallinn.

List of study materials: Textbooks, posters and study materials of OÜ are used in the study.

Conditions for termination and documents to be issued: The student has participated in at least 80% of the study. Oral exam. At least 60% correct answers are required for a positive performance. When the learning outcomes have been achieved and the requirements for graduation have been met and a positive result has been passed, the student will be issued a certificate of completion of the study as a forklift truck driver. A student who did not participate in the assessment or did not pass the assessment will be issued a certificate of participation in the training according to the topics covered.

Teacher: Anatoli Tamm. 10 years of experience in adult training.

Internship supervisor: Valeri Tsudovski. Work experience on machines 22 years, experience of training adults in production 5 years.

Curriculum approved: April 20, 2022