Level 3 training of a cleaning attendant

Total duration 80 academic hours of which 60 academic hours of theory and 20 academic hours of practice


Name of in-service training institution: OÜ A1koolitus (a1koolitus.ee).

Curriculum title: Level III training of a cleaning attendant – 80 ac.h

Levels of study: In – service training for adults.

Languages ​​of instruction: Estonian, Russian and English language.

Time: All year round, 10 study days.

Training registration information: Registration on site or online.

Target group and conditions for starting studies:
Adults (from the age of 18) who have so requested are admitted to the training of a cleaning attendant on the basis of an application in accordance with the conditions. Everyone who wants to study will be accepted.

Grouping: The student’s spoken language is taken into account when dividing students into groups.

Total study volume (ac.t.):
Total duration 80 academic hours.

Auditory part 60 academic hours.
• 40 ac.h, introduction, working methods, materials, communication with the customer

• 20 ac.h are safety equipment, safe handling of used chemistry, personal protective equipment, occupational safety when working with machines and environmentally friendly operation.

Practical part of 20 academic hours, of which:
• 15 ac.h there is practice, instruction in the use and setting up and use of cleaning equipment,

• 5 ac.h. there is a visual inspection to assess the quality of the work performed.


Learning methods:

Lectures: preparation of work plan, selection of working methods and equipment and safety equipment
Internship: the internship consists of performing various tasks of an instructor during the internship.

Online learning: Available (MS Teams, Meet or other appropriate environment).

Learning objective:
At the end of the training, the trainee can independently:

  • Determine the need to clean the site based on the type and degree of dirt and
  • draws up a cleaning plan for rooms for different purposes
  • Selects and uses cleaning accessories and machines
  • Performs maintenance cleaning and major cleaning


Learning outcomes:After graduation, the student:

  1. Carries out maintenance cleaning, post-construction cleaning and large-scale cleaning, maintains textiles
  2. Is enterprising, organizes his / her work according to plan, economically and efficiently, serves clients in various work situations, following good service practice and professional ethics
  3. Safely handles and prudently maintains the machinery and equipment used for cleaning work.
  4. Uses information and communication tools in his / her work and, if necessary, finds information necessary for the work from reliable information sources
  5. Observes the environmental requirements in its work, is aware of and organizes waste management in its activities, assesses the hazards and risks associated with the work and takes measures to mitigate them.


Learning content:

Workplace organization, selection and preparation of cleaning and aids. Execution of works. Final inspection
1.1.1 Selection of work equipment.

1.1.2 Selection of cleaning products.

1.1.3 Arranging a suitable workplace.

1.1.4 Selection of personal protective equipment.

1.1.5 Preparation of the work plan

1.1.6 Carrying out work in accordance with the work plan

1.1.7 Visual final inspection, error correction


Description of the learning environment:
Both the theoretical and practical parts take place at Pae 29, Tallinn. Safety and health requirements are guaranteed in the theory auditorium and workshop. We have 4 classrooms to study the theory, depending on the subject being taught, each class can accommodate 30+ people. The theoretical part is issued at home to record knowledge electronically (on memory sticks). We also issue both personal protection and tools for practical training.


List of study materials:A1koolitus study materials and study materials compiled by our cooperation partners ,, WELCOME CLEANING ,, translated into Estonian and Russian.


Requirements for completion of studies, including assessment methods and assessment criteria: Participation in at least 80% of the hours is a prerequisite for graduation.

Evaluated: When answering the theory tests, the percentage of correct answers must be 12 out of 20 questions.



Documents to be issued: Certificate if the requirements for graduation are met. Proof if the learning outcomes were not achieved but the learner took part in the study. The certificate is issued according to the number of hours attended, but not if the learner attended less than half the hours.


Short description of the content: The course is intended for employees in the field of cleaning who, in their daily work, come into contact with customers who need high-quality cleaning work. The course is aimed at acquiring professional practical skills. After completing the course, the student is able to apply the acquired knowledge. A student who has passed the course and received a certificate is ready to work or do an internship.


Teacher:Janno Pearen Ots


Curriculum approved:2/1/2022